Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sound Foundations
Reader JB sends this gem to us:

OK... you asked for pictures... not being an institute staffer and having only been to a training center once - for Sound Foundations - I don't have too much to draw from. But that memorable SF stay left me with a vivid memory of this picture. This hapless music student was part of a team which was assigned to"teach" a music lesson of their choice to the group of 100+ other Sound Foundations attendees at the ITC. So, with all the prim 'n' proper ATI students gathered 'round, she exhibited her fine ability to accidentally misspell the musical tem "ritard" - and lectured long and hard on exactly what the purpose of a "retard" is. Meanwhile, the ENTIRE crowd was practically in tears trying to hold back their pent-up laughter (which she had no clue of the cause of!) and we are left with this picture as a reminder of the academic and musical prowess of ATI's training. But, heck, the picture is so much funnier without the context!

ATI at its best.





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