Friday, April 06, 2007

You'd be judgmental too...
...a message from an ATI father.

The only refrain I hear more often than "It Will be Worth It All" (sung beautifully by the Knoxville choir) is the common accusation: "ATI families are so judgmental."

Well, you would be judgmental too if you tried to be an exemplary Christian. Some Christians are content with a quick prayer before meals. ATI families have learned to "cry out." As Dr. Gothard has explained many times, some Christians are happy to be plain old enlisted military, while others are called to be Marines. Semper Fi!

You would be judgmental too if you sought to raise high standards for yourself and your family, only to be confront by worldly Christians who would rather listen to sappy CCM than enjoy a good hour in the Word.

You'd be judgmental too if your children demonstrated spiritual maturity. Other kids are into Pokemon and South children play the Character Qualities game.

You would be judgmental too if you exercised the spiritual disciplines: fasting, early rising, meditation, and moral purity. It grieves mature Christians to see the defrauding dress that is permitted in our own churches. Worse, young ladies are allowed to sing sensual music at church services, actually breathing into the microphone.

While the world is becoming more depraved, and the church seems to be following right on the world's heels, thank God for the vision of IBLP/ATII and all the committed staff who work for Dr. Gothard. Thank God for the families who have decided to raise the standard.

Yes, we ATI families are judgmental. With good reason.




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