Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daily Success (the Bill Gothard way)
As I've said before, I subscribed to Bill Gothard's Daily Success emails so you don't have to. Every once in a while a gem comes along that I feel is worth sharing. Like Command 26: Honor Your Parents. Included in the ten suggestions for honoring one's parents is this:

Thank them with gifts of appreciation. In this passage, the Greek word translated as honor, timao, means “to attach a value to something.” We honor the government by paying taxes. We honor the Lord by giving tithes and offerings. It is therefore appropriate to honor parents by giving them meaningful and valued gifts.

Consider it a public service announcement with April 15 coming up. Don't forget to honor the government!

Foxworthy and Gothard working together?
Sources tell us that Jeff Foxworthy has approached Bill Gothard about developing a new hit TV gameshow: "Do You Have More Character than a Homeschooler?" Contestants will answer questions about ethical dilemmas and compare these answers with a "class" of ATI students.

Stay tuned...




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