Monday, July 07, 2008

Heroes of the Faith
Resurrecting the popular Heroes of the Faith series, which featured champions like Dwight Moody, Oswald Chambers, and the Elephant Man, IBLP has announced that it will begin writing a contemporary HoF series. This time, the subjects of the booklets will be Heroes of the ATI Faith.

Dr. Bill Gothard will personally write these booklets, and he has proposed focusing on godly young leaders within ATIA who gave up college to come home with their parents and younger siblings to develop character. The Heroes will possibly include Rob Robbins, Loren Elms, Kathy Voyer, the Sammons kids, the McKims, Troy Robinson, and Christiana Reed.

This announcement set off some grumbling among past construction and kitchen crews, who claim to have done all the "real" work building ATI and IBLP. "We were too busy working to just stand around on stage and look good," one disgruntled worker said. "I might not have a four-point testimony, but at least I know how to lay red carpet. You tell me which is more important."

Additional Hero suggestions can be sent here.

UPDATE: An alert reader suggested (how could I forget??) Prem Jacob and the Denton Brothers.




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