Friday, July 16, 2004

Welcome to X-ATI Guy - a site for satire, commentary, news and rehabilitation for all those ex-ATIers out there. It is our intent to explore the pros and cons of this life experience, poke fun where necessary, and generally create a forum for discussion.

With any program exists a subculture of insider-knowledge, language, humor, and experiences. This site exists to satirize ATI's subculture. We're not ATI-bashers like other groups out there. We are ex-junkies who appreciate the lighter side of our background. And unless we indicate that we're telling the truth, you can assume we are making it up. It's satire, folks.

A lot of Xers and people still in ATI are seriously messed up. Perhaps some of the information provided here will allow you to uncomplicate and de-formulize your life.

ATI is the shorthand name for the Advanced Training Institute, founded by Institute of Basic Life Principles president Bill Gothard. X-ATI Guy is in no way affiliated with any of these organizations.




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