Sunday, January 22, 2006

Man receives forwarded Daily Success emails: no joy, no peace
DALLAS, TEXAS - A Dallas man expressed frustration that ever since reading the new Daily Success updates from Mr. Gothard, his spiritual life has not only failed to improve, but has taken a turn for the worse.

"Ever since I started receiving Daily Success I have felt spiritually oppressed," stated the frustrated spiritual life self-improvement enthusiast, "Is God punishing me for not paying for these emails? Will my sin cause my children to be punished as well?"

In response to similar situations, the Institute has released a three step approach to getting the full spiritual blessing out of Daily Success:

Pray for guidance in everyday life
Ask God for the strength to follow His will
Yoke not yourself with those who do not share the same level of commitment to higher standards

Daily Success has over 3,000 paying subscribers. However, the Institute is worried that an organized email forwarding campaign is taking place. In fact, IBLP has announced that they will be joining with Hollywood industry executives in their new "copying is stealing" campaign.

Institute legal staff are optimistic that prosecution of those caught forwarding Daily Success will begin in earnest in the next month or so. Sadly, the man in Dallas continues his struggle with Daily Success induced guilt.

Friday, January 20, 2006

My apologies...
...for the lack of content recently. I've been locked in a Prayer Room. No, actually, I took the emails to heart -- the ones telling me "you need to get a life" and sort of got busy. Perhaps I can start posting bitter rants again, now that I'm listening to heavy rock music and can't control myself.

Be sure to check out the folks at Independent Spirits (excuse me while I take a sip of my own independent spirits) where a lot of good discussion is happening.

The Cult of Character
Investigative reporter Silja J.A. Talvi writes an interesting piece on IBLP's character program:

IBLP's master plan appears to be well underway. That is, until inquiring minds finally begin to ask where, exactly, all of this is headed. What, pray tell, lies behind the smiling bears, elephants and zebras so ready and eager to deliver their character traits to you, your children and your community?

If they could talk, they might be able to tell you that all's not well in the peaceable kingdom, no matter how innocent it might look at first glance.

Doors of Opportunity
IBLP's year in review is up.

Daily Success! has 3,500 subscribers. At $49 a pop, my non-public school education says they're pulling in $171,500. Not too shabby...




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