Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ATI's newest reality television show
Who wants to have 16 children?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Fruit of the womb activism
Adam Davis, an ATI father, describes himself as the Robin Hood of Genesis 1:28. Several years ago, while meditating upon this verse, he experienced a startling rhema. "I realized that I, in my own strength, could never fulfill God's call to populate the earth," he said. "The twelve children my wife and I have are only the first step."

Davis decided to take drastic action. After crying out for wisdom, he began visiting grocery and drug stores and covertly poking a pin through the condoms on display. In the last three years he has personally compromised over 10,000 prophylactics. Davis says he is filled with an "indescribable joy" when he contemplates the number of births he has caused. "I think of them as my spiritual children," he says. His dream is to one day bring a group of these young people to sing at the annual ATI Regional Conference in Big Sandy, Texas.

Davis focuses his activism on centers of worship. "It's tragic how many Christians refuse to accept God's command to fill the earth. I try to target stores with a high percentage of Christian customers. Sometimes I'll sit across the street and watch folks pick up their Trojans from the CVS drive-thru on their way home from church," he laughs.

Public health officials in Davis' home town say that the birthrate has quadrupled in the last three years. "It must be something in the water," said one.

Friday, June 03, 2005

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