Friday, July 16, 2004

Link of the Day
Modest, godly swimwear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister, a former hardcore ATI-er ( I was in ATI, but was never enthused about it) told me about your website. I saw this link, and couldn't help myself. I went to it and it brought back loads of memories, which I can now laugh at.My mission in my teenage years was to avoid catologs like this coming into our home. I was as vigilant as an ATI mom tossing her errant sons Victoria's Secret catalog in the bin. I was so afraid my mom would make me wear modest swimwear from all her silly magazines, that I checked the mail everyday on the pretense of "waiting for a letter from my godly ATI penpal with 8 siblings from Texas." I then would quickly scan the mail for headcovering and modest swimwear mags and toss them, hide them or burn them. Thankfully, I was never found out. It's ironic I now wear half the amount of clothing to pay for my education, working as a Vegas cocktail waitress, while someday hoping to get my law degree.(UNLV Rebels- wouldn't Bill be proud?) I'm sure I committed several counts of mail fraud, (a felony), but I saved myself the utter humiliation of "bright colors around the face", to "draw attetion away from the body." My mum is still wondering where those catalogs are...

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