Thursday, August 19, 2004

HQ Staffer Forced to Apologize
An IBLP Headquarters staffer was forced to apologize to the entire HQ staff for regularly visiting the X-ATI Guy website. The staffer's Internet habits were discovered and he was told he could either resign his position or apologize for offending the entire staff. He addressed the staff at a Saturday evening meeting. "I must confess that I am a regular reader of X-ATI Guy. I have exhibited a spirit of rebellion by implicitly endorsing X-er's views when I frequently visited the website. I understand that this is very offensive for most of you, even though you had no idea of my transgression. Would you please forgive me?"

When asked about the incident, an IBLP spokesperson said, "It's not just that he visited the website. People actually heard him laughing and saying 'That's so true' while he was reading X-er's posts. We find this unacceptable when you consider that the staffer is a representative of the Institute. We are grieved and feel that this is evidence of deeper sins in his life, such as greed and immorality."

IBLP also indicated concern that the website was accessible through Character Link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh....this is disturbing that your website has infiltrated Character Link! We would not want any exposure to a contrasting opinion. It might even cause someone to lighten up, think, or laugh. GASP!

8:59 AM  

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