Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Youth Catches Accountability Partner Cheating on Him
HINSDALE, Illinois - Joe Higgins, an ATI student and IBLP headquarters staffer, was recently shocked to discover that his accountability partner, a fellow staffer named Martin, was cheating on him.

Joe had sought Martin out as a mentor while working at Headquarters after noticing Martin's spiritual maturity, and the two agreed to become accountability partners. Each Tuesday at 6 a.m. the two would meet at a local Starbucks coffee shop for prayer and Scripture reading. "Martin was the only accountability partner I ever had," says Joe. "We shared our deepest thoughts and struggles."

Imagine Joe's dismay when he discovered that Martin was having a secret rendezvous with another accountability partner on Wednesday mornings. Joe saw the two through the Starbucks window on his morning jog. "You can't imagine the feeling of betrayal I felt," said Joe. "They were even sitting in the chairs that Martin and I sit in every Tuesday!"

Refusing to believe his eyes, Joe began a covert surveillance operation. He was shocked to learn that his accountability partner was having trysts with numerous other partners throughout the week. "The extent of his infidelity was unbelievable," said Joe. These discoveries completely destroyed Joe's relationship with his mentor. "I didn't want to tell him anything once I discovered that he was holding out on me. All I could do was sit there and think 'What else are you hiding from me, you stupidhead?'"

Joe finally confronted Martin with proof of his unfaithfulness. Martin responded with indifference, readily admitting that he met with other accountability partners. Martin's nonchalant attitude deeply disturbed Joe. "I told him we couldn't meet any more," he said.


Blogger tehSaint said...

it is truly horrible to find out such a way. it has happened to me before, and it took years of therapy to recover.

7:56 AM  

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