Monday, July 26, 2004

ATI Movie Makeovers
We all enjoy entertainment, but we should never enjoy entertainment at the expense of our godly standards.  ATI Movie Makeovers takes popular Hollywood blockbusters and infuses them with a message of Biblical principles and character development. Instead of learning about Hollywood's negative values, we are able to watch the characters live out the seven Basic Principles.

You've Got Mail, by X-ATI Guy
In this uplifting ATI remake, the two main characters are played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan is a young single woman who finds great fulfillment in children's ministry, while Tom Hanks is a successful business man.

These two characters happen to discover each other on the Internet, and engage in the ungodly practices of Email and Chatting. Meg finds fulfillment in pouring her heart out to Tom, while Tom enjoys giving Meg advice about her life and acting like her father figure. After several months of communication, Meg suddenly realizes that she has given her heart away. She takes three steps to overcome this condition: 1) she prays to repent of the sin of giving her heart away, 2) she purposes that she can be more effective single than married, and 3) she tells Tom that if he wants to email her, he will have to ask her father.

Tom is surprised. Meg's example of submission to her father encourages him and he is gripped with amazement that women of character actually exist in New York City. He begins a character development program in his company and decorates his office by hanging posters of cute animals exhibiting character qualities.

Meanwhile, Meg is grieving that she has given her heart away. She fears that Tom will never call her father, and she resents the ungodly soul tie that has developed. She decides to dedicate herself to a life of singleness.

Tom finally approaches Meg's father and is granted permission to court her. Unfortunately, she is on a self-imposed 40-day fast in solitary confinement and refuses to see Tom. Tom responds by emailing Meg every day throughout the duration of her fast. On the last day of her fast, he sends her an e-card that says "Will you marry me?"

When Meg opens her email for the first time after her fast, she is overwhelmed by the depth and insight of Tom's emails. She cries out, "I wanted it to be you! I am beautiful and desired! He loves me, he loves me!" She sends word through her father that she accepts Tom.  

In the movie's final scene, we see a huge wedding ceremony.  Tom and Meg enjoy their first kiss.


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