Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How a Midwife's Godly Character Can Improve Your Sex Life
Here's a precious little moment that I hope I never forget:

At a young ladies' session in Knoxville in 1995, Mr. Gothard was extolling the virtues of the midwifery program. ATI would raise up a new generation of women who could challenge the ungodly medical community, by doing things God's Way. (Not that he used those exact words.  I think Ezzo has the copyright to them.) These young midwives would be so highly trained in Biblical wisdom that -- and I quote fairly directly --  "They can minister in every conceivable situation."

It's a haunting mental image. 

-Submitted by guest poster SRJ.


Blogger WantinaCPM said...

Yeah, I was sucked into that program because my parents wouldn't let me attend the "ungodly" midwifery school I wanted to attend...you should have seen our textbooks...every possible picture covered up, words whited out, pages missing...AUGH!
Then I got kicked out of the program because I wouldn't compromise my standards to admit that their standards might be more godly, even though I had a ream of research supporting my views.
They told me I would never make it as a midwife... They were wrong. I am a nationally known midwife now, and have helped start 3 practices, all of which are still florishing today. I've trained 3 apprentices who are all still practicing, 2 of which are in foreign countries.
Take that and put it.. anyway

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