Thursday, July 29, 2004

ATI Movie Makeovers: Dude, Where's my Car?
We all enjoy entertainment, but we should never enjoy entertainment at the expense of our godly standards. ATI Movie Makeovers takes popular Hollywood blockbusters and infuses them with Biblical principles and character development.

Dude, Where's My Car? by X-ATI Guy
Indianapolis Training Center transportation guy Chet Jones works all day driving back and forth from the airport to the ITC, picking up eager, shining-faced students and dropping them back off. His airport runs occur early in the morning, during the day, and late at night. Chet hates the late-night "midnight" runs. "The parents are too cheap to send their kids on a normal flight," he complains. "They buy these red-eye tickets and I'm the one that has to suffer."

Chet seeks out relaxation from his duties by watching a movie now and then. He takes his Institute vehicle, drives to the local movie theater, and then returns to the ITC. All of the security guys assume that he's on an airport run and never question him.

One evening, after a very frustrating airport run where the ATI student kept yapping about how the training conference blessed his soul, Chet decides to drop in for an action movie. He goes to the movie theater, grabs a bag of popcorn, and enjoys the feature.

Upon exiting the theater, Chet can't remember where he parked. He locates the spot where he thought he left the car, but it's not there. Suddenly, the truth dawns upon him:

His car has been stolen.

But it's not HIS's an Institute vehicle. Chet begins to panic. He reaches for his IBLP cell phone to call the transportation manager, but realizes that he's standing in a movie theater parking lot, which could raise a lot of uncomfortable questions.

Chet reviews his options. He could: a) call his manager and confess everything, b) report the missing vehicle and say he was just using the theater's bathroom, c) call the police and hope the theater doesn't come up in the police report, or d) find the car himself.

Chet quickly eliminates option (a). He figures that option (b) is a little weak, but might be one to fall back on. Option (c) is risky because the police are likely to report where the theft took place. Chet is left with option (d) and he embarks on an adventure that will change his life forever.

Chet's search leads him all over Indianapolis, and when he finally recovers the car, it has been used as the get-away car in a bank robbery, and has drugs stashed in the glovebox.

Chet makes it back to the ITC by breakfast time. He is innocently eating his oatmeal and brown sugar when police officers investigating last night's bank robbery trace the vehicle to the ITC parking lot.

The truth finally comes out during Chet's subsequent shakedown, and Chet is sent home in disgrace.


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