Sunday, August 01, 2004

IBLP Publishes New Book
OAK BROOK, Il - The Institute in Basic Life Principles announced the release of a new book today, titled, "The Power of Judging Others." The book shares the secrets of how to release the mighty power of a judgmental spirit within your life, and witnessing the transformation of the world around you. Chapters include these exciting topics:
  • How to influence your peers through judgment without experiencing guilt.
  • How to raise the standard in your life so people will want to be like you.
  • Quote Scripture to back up your beliefs so that people will be convicted by the Word.
  • How to pass on a vision of judgment to your children for a godly heritage.
  • Where are all my friends? Dealing with the loneliness that accompanies judgment.
Confirming Testimony
"The Power of Judging Others changed my life! My family was just your typical Christian family with nothing to identify us as being set apart as a race unto himself, but when my husband read this book to us during morning devotions, my children immediately caught the vision for judging others! We devoured the book and discovered so many powerful insights about the judgment of God. Thank you for these important truths."
-A mother from Kansas


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