Thursday, July 29, 2004

Youth Discovers He Needs College Degree After All
ALBANY, New York - Sam Thompson, a 25-year-old ATI graduate, recently discovered that despite assurances from Bill Gothard, he actually does need a college degree to succeed in the real world.  Thompson recently began job hunting, but has been unable to find gainful employment.  "On my resume I listed every Institute training conference I ever attended," he says.  "I also listed my ten strongest character qualities."  Surprisingly, Thompson's character qualities were not enough for him to get a job.

Thompson learned in ATI that if he focused on character and the Faith Journal, government and business leaders would be eager to hire him.  "Well, where are they?" Thompson asked rhetorically, and looked around his empty bedroom for effect.

Thompson is not picky about his career.  He is willing to be a lawyer, a real estate agent, a financial advisor, or even a brain surgeon.  Yet despite his flexibility, he is amazed at the Strongholds of Education that exist in corporate America.  "When I tell them I'm not attending college, they burst out laughing."

Thompson is not sure about his next move.  "I'm 25 and still living with my parents.  This isn't working out.  I may end up going to college."


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