Monday, August 02, 2004

IBLP Speaks out to Former Students
OAK BROOK, Illinois - Having discovered the large percentage of former ATI students who are disgruntled about their Institute experiences, IBLP has released an exciting new publication called, Get Over It: How to Forgive Those who have Taken Advantage of You.

Excerpts from Get Over It:
Freedom comes in many forms. Here are some steps you must take to find freedom from bitterness toward those who have offended you.

1. Get under authority. Bitterness is usually a result of being out from under God's umbrella of authority. If you are bitter toward IBLP, it is probably a result of your independent spirit.

2. Clear your conscience. If there was any offense taken during your time of service with IBLP, the chances are it was your fault. Clear your conscience by going to the IBLP leadership and share with them the things that led to your bitterness. Take this opportunity to confess any secret sins you entertained while on staff. Remember, sin in the camp results in damage to the ministry.

3. Do not take offense for others. Oftentimes bitterness is a result of taking up an offense for a third party. The best way to avoid this is to not discuss your anger or mistreatment with others--including your parents. They are not part of the problem or the solution.

4. Do good to those who have offended you. A major key to gaining freedom is to bless those who have hurt you. If you are angry at the Institute, you can find blessed freedom by coming back and serving the Institute for free.


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