Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Peeping Tom Causes Chagrin, Delight at ITC
INDIANAPOLIS, In - A peeping Tom residing in the apartment building opposite the Indianapolis Training Center is causing a great deal of consternation among some ITC residents. Reports of the young man indicate that he wakes up early in the morning and tries to spy into ITC rooms from his balcony using a set of binoculars. He has successfully startled several ITC residents who pray by their window in the morning.

In an effort to counteract this prurient fellow, the ITC leadership moved all of the young ladies up to floors above Tom's level. "Is that why they moved me to the 12th floor?" asked a young lady when we interviewed her about this problem. "They told me they had to do remodeling on the lower floors."

This action did not delight the male residents of the ITC. "I'm not exactly thrilled to have Peeping Tom check me out. I'm right in the line of fire now," complained one. The ITC has directed all students on that side of the building to keep their curtains closed, but some have experienced difficulty in adjusting to the darkness.

To the ITC's dismay, the voyeur has inspired exhibitionist tendencies among some of the young ladies working at the center. Several have gone up to the ITC roof and have flashed their ankles at Tom. The ITC has repeatedly stressed that this does not constitute approved behavior.

The ITC leadership, on the advice of Mr. Gothard, is seeking to eliminate this peeping Tom by evicting him. They've approached the owners of the apartment building, offering to buy the property. The apartment owners have not answered at this time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there really was a peeping Tom up there at Indy, probably it was someone who works in construction or maintenance. he was looking in the girls' restroom that was near the kitchen - from the ceiling (by removing one of the tiles) .. and then Leadership put a note there that said "God is watching you" [or something similar] for the benefit of the peeping tom ....

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAAA... this is quite hilarious since I was caught in the reverse of this very act. I somehow snuck a pair of binoculars into ITC, (along with a Super Nintendo and a video camera I might add), and we'd use them to spy on people, sometimes in the apartment building across the street! They got confinscated by Mr Gengendi (sp?) when a LIT stole them from me. I never saw my beloved binocs again since I was too embarressed or smart, depends on how you look at it, to go and tell him that they were mine.

1:21 PM  

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