Saturday, October 16, 2004

ATI Television Station
It has come to our attention from credible sources that IBLP is exploring the idea of launching a TV channel on SkyAngel Network.

The channel would be a direct connect satellite connection, similar to a HomeSat program, giving ATI families the ability to tune into godly programming.

Programming will include videos, biographical histories, student updates, international ministry news, and taped Q & A sessions with Mr. Gothard. The programming may even include a cooking channel to demonstrate how to cook godly, healthy meals.

Those close to the program say this has been discussed for at least three years, and could be a long time in coming. However, we have supreme confidence in our Godly Leader to induce God to perform the impossible.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is absolutely true. I personally had a conversation with Mr. Gothard about it. Around the holidays last year my brother and I were passing through Oak Brook and stopped in for a visit at HQ. Mr. Gothard happened to be there and we had an extended conversation with him. When he heard that I worked in the video industry and hopped to attend film school he told me of ATI's hopes of launching a channel with Sky Angel. Strange but true. Not so surprising in a way...

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