Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gothard: Angel Gabriel "in Error"
Bill Gothard says the angel Gabriel was in error when he appeared before the Virgin Mary to foretell Christ's birth.

"Mary was a young, unmarried woman," said Gothard. "Gabriel should have appeared to Mary's father first to seek his blessing." Pointing out that God's word clearly teaches the Principle of Authority, Gothard said Gabriel's unapproved appearance was "probably a fluke."

"God never violates his own universal principles," said Gothard. "There may have been some confusion since Mary was betrothed to Joseph. Still, Gabriel should have known better."

Gothard teaches young women to remain under their father's authority until the father transfers his authority to a qualified young man. "We can expect no less from the Virgin Mary."

Gothard also indicated that Mary, rather than agreeing to become the Christ-bearer, should have directed Gabriel to her father. "Mary should have considered the poor example she set for other teenage girls, who now think they can hear God's instructions without the proper umbrella of authority."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very good. whether it was intended to make a point or simply to be funny--personally i think that it is funny because it touches on the truth. i can just imagine certain people living now, who would have said, had they lived in the time of Mary, "Women are so easily deceived. She just thought she heard from the Lord... It was probably just her own emotions. God would have spoken to her parents, not to her, if this really was of God." ... but the fact remains that there is no mention of her parents in the Bible account, and the angel did not go to her parents.

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