Saturday, September 25, 2004

ATI Movie Makeovers
We all enjoy entertainment, but we should never enjoy entertainment at the expense of our godly standards. ATI Movie Makeovers takes popular Hollywood blockbusters and infuses them with Biblical principles and character development.

Man on Fire, by X-ATI Guy

Creasy (Denzel Washington) is a washed up government agent who is struggling on the verge of alcoholism after years of soul-sapping government service. He reluctantly agrees to act as bodyguard/nanny for Pita (Dakota Fawning), an inquisitive, bright 9 year old girl. Eventually he becomes close to the girl and their relationship awakens sensitive stirrings within him as he marvels at her character.

Sadly, one day Pita displeases her father, a corrupt businessman with ties to the Oklahoma City Cartel. Pita is shipped off to the Dallas Training Center and is subjected to unspeakable horrors: locked in a prayer room for weeks, forced to eat bad food, and scolded 24 hours a day for her character deficiencies and resistant spirit.

When Creasy learns of where Pita has been sent and the abuses she suffers, his fiery rage is unleased and he vows to stop at nothing to save her. [Start Nine Inch Nails riff.]

The fallout is amazing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've actually fantasized about doing that- going postal at a TC and setting the captives free.

11:04 AM  

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