Thursday, September 09, 2004

Gothard to X-er: "Denounce the smear"
HINSDALE, Illinois - Bill Gothard is calling on X-ATI Guy to denounce a 527 group that has released a television ad questioning Gothard's work with youth in the early 60's.

The group, called "Bill's Youth For Truth," is composed of dozens of individuals who claim to have attended Gothard's original youth group. The group has released a television ad titled "Revival?" which questions Gothard's claims to have started a youth revival in the Chicago area in the 1960's.

"I attended church with Bill Gothard," says one person in the ad, "and he started no revivals." Several people indicate that Gothard was "largely unnoticeable" and "unusually reserved" as a youth leader.

Responding to the advertisement, a spokesman for IBLP stated, "Bill Gothard is a highly decorated youth leader. It is regrettable that as Bill enters 50 years of youth ministry, this group of people would come forward with these ridiculous claims. This is a blatant attempt by X-er to have other people do his dirty work."

The spokesman pointed out that Bill's Youth For Truth had ties to anti-Gothard groups such as Midwest Outreach and CULTWATCH. Additionally, IBLP alleges the Bill's Youth For Truth received legal counsel from an attorney who was seen talking to Ron Henzel.

"These facts clearly point out that Youth For Truth is funded, organized and masterminded by discredited haters of IBLP," continued the spokesman. "We are calling on X-ATI Guy to publicly denounce this partisan group."

X-er released a statement saying he is confident Bill Gothard served his youth group honorably.


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