Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Young Man Refuses to Kiss
Instead, he sends letter to girl he has just started to court.

Dear Betrothed,

I have discussed this letter with your father and he fully approves this message. I have decided that we must not kiss--or even touch at all--before marriage. I know that you hoped to practice holding hands before we stand in front of all our friends at our wedding, but I am convinced that we should not. A few moments of pleasure can lead to a lifetime of sorrow, so we're strictly avoiding all pleasure right now. Just think of how happy we'll be in the future because of it.

I'm sure that unless we save ourselves, our marital intimacy will not be what it could because God will remove his blessing from our relationship.

Also, I'm a physical touch kind of guy, so I'm sure that if I take that first step of holding hands, it will only be a few moments before I tear my clothes off and commit irrevocable sin.

I have even thought about saving our first kiss for AFTER marriage . . . maybe three or four months into it. The first kiss is something that should be savored, and there's no use throwing it away immediately. Also, I think it would really impress you to see my example of self control if we saved ourselves from a physical relationship after marriage and focused on spiritual oneness.

Thank you for submitting to me in this,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

no way, is this real, or do you make up all the post?

from X atia girl now married mother of three still discovering areas of my thinking that were afected. I really bought into the program for awhile, maybe this is where some of my rage comes from

10:58 PM  
Blogger Princess Leia said...

Sad as it is, I actually knew someone who believed that the first time you should hold hands with the person you married was the wedding night and that holding hands was as far as it should go that night.
I have to wonder about people like that.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous VeganHunter said...

I'm glad to know I did things the right way, then. On my wedding night, I didn't even sleep in the same building as the Young Man in Question did. (Really! We were both exhausted.)

So Princess Leia, I think the holding hands thing might be a bit on the racy side ... have you thought about what that could lead to?

8:15 AM  

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