Tuesday, August 31, 2004

ATI Mothers Stage a "Nurse-In"
Inspired by a group of Starbucks patrons, ATI mothers have organized a Nurse-In at the next annual ATI convention. Hundreds of mothers plan to participate.

A Nurse-In is peaceable civil demonstration designed to raise awareness of the plight of nursing mothers. Mothers are encouraged to join their families in the main sessions and breastfeed whenever their infant requires without the constraints of covering up. A Mrs. McKee is spokeswoman for the group. "For too long we have been cloistered away behind these blue curtains, separated from our families during important ATI events," she said. "It is time to oppose this anti-family policy and to embrace breastfeeding for what it is: a beautiful act that the whole family can enjoy and appreciate."

Mrs. McKee acknowledged that mothers would have to "break some rules" to participate in the Nurse-In, but she refused to admit that mothers would be getting out from God's Umbrella of Authority. "Great changes in society come about through peaceable civil disobedience," she said. Many participating mothers have reported a great feeling of empowerment by getting involved. "This is something practical that we can do to help future generations of women--our daughters and granddaughters--when they come to Knoxville," says one excited demonstrator.

We asked Mrs. McKee if it wasn't damaging for young men to witness the act of breastfeeding by a non-family member, pointing out that public nudity laws exist to preserve society from the Development of Reprobation. McKee refused to acknowledge our point. "Breastfeeding is the world's most natural and loving act and you're trying to compare me with some two-bit exhibitionist?"

When asked about the upcoming Nurse-In, Mr. Gothard declined to comment, but was overheard saying, "They really shouldn't be doing that."


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