Wednesday, October 13, 2004

IBLP to Offer New Bible Translation
OAK BROOK, Illinois - IBLP announced today that it plans to release a brand-new Bible translation based on Bill Gothard's unique insight into God's Word.

In a statement released this morning, an IBLP spokesman said, "Mr. Gothard's rhemas are important breakthroughs in Scriptural interpretation. It is important to update the Bible to include these insights."

Bill Gothard has been working on the new translation for 30 years. The project, said to be Gothard's labor of love, is the result of his meditation on the precise meanings of words in the original Hebrew and Greek.

The version will incorporate the truths shared in the Basic and Advanced seminars. The version discards traditional chapter and verse divisions of Scripture, adopting instead a step-by-step format in order to highlight the specific steps Scripture gives for achieving success in life.

The new Bible version will include supplementary information on how to read and interpret Scripture, as well as a booklet on conducting Greek word studies.

ATI families across the country hailed the news as "a breath of fresh air straight from heaven." "Finally!" exclaimed one excited mother. "A version of Scripture that teaches and respects our convictions and standards."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the funniest thing was that he had been working on it for thirty years. if iblp really released a translation, that is what i would expect!

6:34 PM  

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