Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Reversal Baby Choir Revolts
Every year at the annual ATI conference, Mr. Gothard calls up the "mighty host" of children whose parents acted in faith by undergoing reversal surgery. He praises the parents for restoring the manhood of fathers and the womanhood of mothers, and he asks the reversal children to sing a song.

This honored tradition, which tugs at the heartstrings of recalcitrant parents who have closed the womb to God's blessings, may be in jeopardy. A representative of the Reversal Baby Choir has been sent to IBLP Headquarters to deliver a simple message to Mr. Gothard: "We're tired of singing in your choir."

The Reversal Baby collective bargaining representative plans to deliver a list of grievances. X-ATI Guy was able to obtain a preliminary draft of this list.
  1. "We're tired of being used. Get someone else to illustrate the power of your message."
  2. "We don't appreciate being called "Reversal Babies." Many of us are over 21 now, Bill."
  3. "We aren't going to sing in a choir without remuneration, training, song books, or rehearsals. No more."
  4. "Every year you single out us...and the Canadians. Why?"
  5. "Don't take it personally, but some of us plan on using birth control."
A spokesman for the Reversal Baby Choir told us, "It's not that we don't appreciate him. We do--we're very glad to be alive. We're just tired of being paraded in front of the ATI world every year."

Indeed, many "reversal babies" have grown up with serious life complications. Many cite a superiority complex from being spoiled, while others grow depressed and feel alienated from "normal" children.

IBLP, no doubt, will hold firm to the unequivocating belief in the vocal talents of reversal babies. But it may become increasingly difficult to populate the choir if these precious children continue to revolt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before we run the risk of sounding snide in our comments, let us remember that these children were earnestly prayed for and are to their parents a miracle and an answer to prayer. Nor do we want to denigrate a powerful testimony to changed hearts and second chances.

That being said, as Christians, we ought to believe that every child is precious, and that every conception is a miracle, presided over by God Himself. It seems pretentious to single out one group of people as especially precious and miraculous. Can we also form a volleyball team for those who were conceived after their parents were convicted to give up birth control?


11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better yet, let's form a volleyball team of all of those children conceived out of wedlock. Oh wait, do we have any of those in ATI?

11:35 AM  

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