Wednesday, October 27, 2004

New IBLP Reality Show
Our post about the IBLP TV station has been confirmed as true. Therefore, we propose a new television show to fill the IBLP TV station with godly programming.

The Godly Bachelor

Based on the ABC reality television series The Bachelor, The Godly Bachelor follows the same format in which 25 girls compete for the courtship pledge of one godly, though somewhat slightly boring, young man. The object of the show is for the young man to identify the most marriageable young woman, and to resist the charms of the other women.

What these 25 young ladies don't know, however, is that the young man gets a cash bonus for every week he is able to resist the temptation to enter a relationship. As a result, he becomes quite adept in treating them nicely without committing to a relationship.

Every week the young man must vote a young lady off the show based on her lack of eligibility. Eligibility factors include Cooking Skills, Housecleaning, Submission, Lack of Personality, Ability to Bear Godly Seed, and other important elements vital to a godly marriage. After voting each young lady off the show, the young man must give an explanation. He is expect to reject most women if any physical attraction exists.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah you'd think some of them WERE getting a cash bonus, based on the way they act(ed)! ~ i say this in reference to "What these 25 young ladies don't know is that the young man gets a cash bonus for every week he is able to resist "

11:43 PM  

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