Sunday, January 30, 2005

IBLP Leaders Caught Wasting Time
OAK BROOK, Illinois - The IBLP Personnel Department is concerned that several training center directors may be spending time on The Crossings, a popular online ATI student community, while on the clock.

The Personnel Department began looking into the situation after receiving several anonymous complaints that certain members in leadership spent all their time spying on students who served at training center locations. The complaints alleged that these leaders policed Crossings profiles and forum discussions in order to discover ungodly words, actions, and attitudes.

"We're concerned that these directors may be defrauding IBLP and God," said a Personnel manager. "Visiting this website is not a legitimate training center director activity and should be restricted to one's own free time. If our directors want to participate in an online community designed for teens and twentysomethings, that's fine, but IBLP is not willing to pay for it."


Anonymous X-11 RAY said...

I really have no comment. Except that there's nothing for you to worry about. If this report is true, then I personally do not feel ashamed to remind these directors that they themslves are accountable to God for their attitudes and actions. It's God's responsibility to punish those that do wrong. Not me. God will judge every person according to their fruits, and sence the responsibility is God's, I don't need to be concerned that they recive world wide disgrace on the internet.
You have the freedom of speech in our country. Not because it's just there or something, but because someone paid for it. Just stop and look around you. It's all there to see if your willing to pay attention. I am a U.S. Soldier.
I understand this. The freedom of speech can be used for good or for evil. What are you using it for? Is it your responsibilitiy to get back at ATI by announcing their wrongs to the world? I've been some places in life I'm not proud of, places that make me a heck of a lot worse than any director in ATI. Today I'm more joyful and peaceful than almost any director in ATI. I now peace. And I know hell. But nomatter were I am at any given moment, I am fine with it. My God is in control, not you. Not ATI. God has never failed me. I worked on staff with IBLP too.I wont't give any detail what it was like because God is in control, and those people's fate is in his hands. The best times in my life were there. As well as some frusterating times.
The difference though is that I stuck it through. And God has honored that.
God created life, and God said it is good. And I often find it helpful to look at that from an Army point of view - "It's only as complicated beyond that point as you make it".

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o lol
this is hilarious

9:29 AM  
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