Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Party Time
The Verity Education and Accelerated Learning Center was surprised to see the Biblically-based discipleship program recently listed in the Top 50 Party School List of 2005.

"We really shouldn't be on that list," said the dean of students. "Technically, we're not even a college."

The nation's colleges are annually ranked for their party atmosphere based on a non-scientific poll of students, staff and faculty. Program directors explained Verity's ranking this year as a fluke. "We try not to put a damper on our students' enthusiasm," said one, "but of course we have the highest standards for student excellence, and the godly young people here are evidence of God's blessing."

When asked if he had concerns about the institution's party reputation, a godly young Verity student extended his index and pinkie fingers and was quoted saying, "YEAH BA-BY!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the Issachar Institute which was on the same floor as the Verity Institute. For those who aren't fimilar with the Flint Training Institute, it is very possible that Verity would be voted a party school. All those extra empty hotel rooms and all. Who knows what's really going on. It's super easy to just get a master key from the ever godly front desk staff. 16 floors of fun, fun, fun!

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