Monday, August 09, 2004

Creative Explanations for Dwindling Attendance
Back in the Glory Days, Basic Seminars were attended by crowds of 20,000+ people. In recent years, the average seminar size is about 300. Alarmed by the plummeting attendance of Basic and Advanced seminars, IBLP staff compiled a list for Mr. Gothard of probable explanations for the attendance drop.

1. People are rejecting the truth in this wicked and fallen age.
2. The Local Church is too much competition.
3. You need some new ties.
4. Not enough singing.
5. Overhead projector bad/PowerPoint good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad thing is when I was at HQ we tried hard to get him to use power point. Guess it was to hard to hit the button....

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well they would be using powerpoint now, no question. But the seminar aspect of the ministry just isn't being given enough attention. From that ministry, grew ATI and all other areas of IBLP. I dont know what made them think that if they dropped the Basic/Advanced that they would continue growing. That's how we joined ATI, was through the Basic Seminar.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Text converted to power point data can be corrupted and bad messages like "independent spirit" and "rock music is okay" can easily be inserted into the sub-conscious message of the power point, resulting in teeth grinding, rebellious children, and floating stools. Obviously we don't want that, so the message is only printed from a Macintosh computer on a parallel printer cable not USB.


10:08 AM  

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