Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Surviving the ITC
I'm told someone over at the Crossings is asking how to survive the Indianapolis Training Center. The best way is just don't go.

But if you've already paid money to attend, or your parents are sending you against your will, never fear. X-er has first-hand experience with several training centers, and years ago wrote the definitive survivial guide.

How to Survive Training Center Life
Training Center Life Part I
Training Center Life Part II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard once the old leadership eithe left or died (RIP to them) things got alot looser and it was more like HQ. I havn't stepped foot in that place since some friends and I visited while in Indy on vacation back in 2001. I had a year stint before as well in the IT department as "paying volunteer".

If it's the same environment, it matches pretty much to a T with X'rs guides. Either make friends in high places or lay low enough they don't know you exist and you can do whatever you want. I brought a TV, a Super Nintendo, and any CD I wanted into that place since I layed low, played the slave thing, knew some good people, worked security and didn't run around kissing ass.

I do remember, and it seems to stupid now, thinking that I had made it when I got to carrie a walkie talkie a couple times. Now you were cool if you had one of those and a leatherman in your belt.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole sight and bitter comments are very sad. Be very careful how you talk about God's servants! Have you no real fear of God? You need to humble yourself... you and this X person... and remember that Jesus said it would be better for a millstone to be tied around your neck and that you should be cast into the deepest sea... rather than lead someone astray. That is pretty serious business young man!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous An ex Atiaer as well said...

I wonder if you anonymous are Bill Gothard himself? Cause, what you said is totally a Gothardism thing to say. First of all I don't think that God strikes someone dead for questioning the character of a human being. I mean he hasn't even striked me dead for questioning him sometimes and He is God, But correct if I'm wrong and in this case I'm not but, Bill Gothard is human. He has flaws just like the rest of us. No one here is admitting to being perfect. And also I would like to say that "servants of God" is definetly questionable. There was a time in ATIA that I thought I was a servant of God and I can tell you my soul and body were in more danger of fire and brimstone then then they are now. I was a very stuck up arrogant person. Because I was in ATIA I assumed that I was more righteous then anyone who wasn't. I assumed and believed that, because that is what I was taught. And not by my parents, but by the leaders of different seminars and conferences. I would say that someone in Bill Gothards position should be very careful. If he didn't want to be put on a very high pedastel he definetly did not do much or anything to stop it from happening. I would not call that a humble person. Humble doesn't mean that you stand around and allow people to biuld you up past who you are. Eventually He would've needed to step in and do something about it. I'm very much appaled at the behavoir of ATI staff over my whole life at ATIA/ATI and I was there at the beginning. My father grew a beard at one point in my life. He went to the father/men meatings that were held at one of the idealic ATIA families in the Oakbrook Area. One day my father received a phone call from one of the heads of the ATIA department. He informed my father that he would need to shave his beard or leave ATI. At that point most of us were almost out of highschool. We as children stood up for our father and told him not pay the next years membership and not to shave his beard. That beard signified more then a beard. Bill Gothard who has been a clean shaven man grew up in a era were he assumed that beards meant hippies and drugs. I wonder, did Jesus when he was on the earth shave his beard and have clean cut hair. Or even John the Baptist for that matter. I think if Jesus were here in our time an day now. The "hippies" and unclean people are who he would be with and Bill Gothard would be in his fancy office with his fancy clean cut face and his fancy blue suits and his fancy collectors car and his fancy domain and where would Jesus be? Would He call Bill Gothard and His staff a brood of vipers? Would He call them Pharisees? Not to sound corny, but What Would Jesus Do if he were on the face of the earth now? Who would Bill Gothard be to Jesus?
Now saying all this I know I'm not perfect. I'm just giving my perspective on the stupidity of all that ATIA/ATI was jacked up to be. I know that if Jesus walked this earth today He would probably tell me that I need to let things go, but at the same time He might tell me that I need to fight for my convictions. And I am convicted that ATIA/ATI is not a good thing. How can it be a good thing for them to teach that woman is no more then a glorifed house wife? How can they teach people that women are to be "under" their husbands? is it not an equally yoked relationship? How can they tell you who you cannot and who you can marry? They teach women to hide their bodies. rather then be proud of who God made you to be. How can they tell women that to wear tight cloths/tshirts with writing on it is defrauding to men and the women are sinning if they wear this type of clothing? cause it is causing their brotheren to stumble. I say if there is a man out there that doesn't look at a set of boobs like they are a set of boobs. I would love to know. Every chicks got them what's the big deal? Sometimes it sounds like the rules that Bill Gothard or His staff set in place is because they have issues somewhere with themselves. And instead of dealing with them. They tell everyone what not to do. So as not to cause "them" to stumble. You know I used to look at girls that wore tight t-shirts and hoop earrings like they were whores. Now I'm one of those "whores", "sluts", "harlots". And happy to be one. Thanks for reading my post. Sorry if anything doesn't make sense. I would love to try to explain anything anyone has questions about. I have so many more issues with ATIA/ATI then what I have written down. I think if I were to start writting down everything I would have to start a blogspot of my own. And to be quite honest. I don't have the time. So I'm posting this one post to say my part in it and now I am done. unless someone needs an explaination for something I've already said. Thank you

9:13 AM  

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